Interfacing Structure and Reactions at the Centre of the Atom

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Proceedings Policy

There will be a volume of Proceedings for this Conference. This is the First International Conference on this subject, so we wish to make a permanent record of the state of the art and our contributions to this.

Discussions with the International Advisory Committee in October have lead to the following proposal:
  • We put on this website all the slides from the talks and posters in pdf form.
    This will be done immediately during the conference where feasible.
  • If participants volunteer to produce written papers based on their talks or posters, these will also be put on the website.
  • Both slide and written contributions will be subject to inspection by editors, and possible revisions, but not formally refereed.
  • The written papers will be collected into one pdf file, given a title page and contents etc, and the collection put on both the website and arxiv. The cutoff date for this is Feb 20, 2009. This collection can be printed if desired.
  • The kernz website will be kept with this content, for at least 5 years. (Presently it is hosted at the University of Surrey, and this should continue.)

Format for proceedings

Please use revtex4 latex format, in two column mode, with an abstract: like PRC.

Page guidelines: invited talks up to 10 sides, and contributed talks and posters up to 6 sides.


If anyone has any questions about the proceedings, please email us at

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