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Last update,
  Jan 22, 2008

Workshop Proceedings


November 13, 2007

(pdf version of this page)


Dear CNR* 2007 Participant,


As announced earlier, we will publish the proceedings of the CNR* 2007 workshop as a volume in the AIP Conference Proceedings Series. We would like to invite you to submit a contribution summarizing the research you presented at the workshop. Poster contributions should be summarized in maximally 4 pages, speakers with 20-minute presentations are allocated 4 pages, speakers with 30-minute presentations are allocated 6 pages, and the 50-minute presentations are allocated 10 pages.


Instructions for preparing your proceedings contribution are given below. Attached you will find templates, forms, and further instructions (see list below). Additional material can be found at the AIP proceedings web site (see links below).


Please have a look at the instructions given below now and let me know immediately if you have any questions. The submission deadline for your camera-ready pdf document is Sunday, December 16, 2007. All conference participants will receive a hard-cover copy and be granted free online access to the published proceedings.


Instructions for preparing your proceedings contribution:


1)     Write your paper. The format of the proceedings contributions will be 8.5 in x 11 in, double-column. Please use one of the available templates: For LaTeX contributions, please go to and download the template package ("download macros as zip archive"). For Microsoft Word contributions, a template (item B) is attached. For instructions, refer to the Author Instructions (Item A). Name your files in a manner that facilitates associating them with you, e.g. use your last name plus an additional identifier (e.g. Escher_manuscript.tex, Escher_fig1.tex, Escher_paper.pdf).

2)     If you consider reprinting already published material, please use the appropriate form (item D, see also instructions in item A) to obtain permission to do so. Please request the relevant permissions immediately in order to avoid missing the submission deadline.

3)     Typeset your contribution and save it in pdf format. Make sure to remove all footers, headers, page numbers, as well as blank pages.

4)     Correct typos and formatting errors and make sure that the text, formulae, and all figures are readable. The proceeding will be printed in black and white, so figures must not contain any elements that require color to understand their meaning.

5)     Compile the following items:

a.      Camera-ready manuscript in pdf format

b.     Supporting files (MS Word document or LaTeX manuscript and eps figures)

c.      Author questionnaire (in plain text or MS Word, attached or in the body of the email message). Please fill this out carefully, since we will use the information to compile the table of contents and also to generate mailing labels for the hard copies of the proceedings.

d.     Transfer of Copyright Agreement (signed and scanned)

e.      Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material (signed and scanned), if applicable

f.       Off-print order form, if applicable

Note: If you cannot scan your copyright and reprint permission forms, please send them via regular mail to Jutta Escher (address below) early enough to ensure arrival during the first week of January 2008.

6)     Attach everything to an email message to Jutta Escher (escher1 AT
An important note: Please do not combine the various files into one .zip compressed file as LLNL's email security will remove such compressed attachment.
Submit everything by
Sunday, December 16, 2007.


For your convenience, this website has local copies of the following:

A)   Author Instructions for AIP Conference Proceedings (8x11doubleinst.pdf)

B)    Microsoft Word Template (8x11_double_column.doc)

C)    Transfer of Copyright agreement (tca_blank.pdf)

D)   Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material (permission.pdf)

E)    Offprint/reprint order form (8x11offprint.pdf)

F)     Author questionnaire (CNR07_AuthorQuest.doc, also below)

G)   A copy of these instructions (CNR07_Proceedings.pdf)

H)  Latex style files: full set (, and a minimal set (


If you have difficulties with the attachments or need further information, refer to the following web links (please make sure to use the 8.5 in x 11 in, double-column templates and instructions):

        Author guidelines:

        8.5 in x 11 in templates, instructions, samples, and forms:

        Transfer of Copyright agreement:

        Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material :

        Offprint order form:

        Web posting guidelines:


We are looking forward to your proceedings contributions.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Best regards,

Jutta Escher

Nuclear Theory & Modeling Group

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

7000 East Avenue

P.O. Box 808, L-414

Livermore, CA 94551, USA


For the organizing committee.




Author Questionnaire



Please complete this questionnaire carefully, as the information given will be used to generate the table of contents and to generate mailing labels for the published proceedings.


Corresponding author:

Email address:



Exact title of the contribution:

Full author list:

Number of pages (in pdf document):



Session (please mark):

[ ] Introductions/Experimental overview

[ ] Nuclear Data & Applications/Astrophysics

[ ] Nuclear Structure

[ ] Superheavy Nuclei

[ ] Surrogate Reactions

[ ] Pre-Equilibrium Reactions

[ ] Fluctuations

[ ] Fission

[ ] Reactions

[ ] Poster (please indicate a subject area above as well)

[ ] Other – explain:


Copyright form completed, signed, and sent to J. Escher

[ ] yes, by mail, sent on:

[ ] yes, by email (scanned), sent on:

[ ] not yet, will be sent on:


Complete mailing address for the published proceedings (this will be used to generate mailing labels, so please include all relevant information in order to insure proper delivery):